Meridian Tide Horology Exchange

I continually searched around the internet for a watch collecting website that would offer it’s services users a safe and regulated place to exchange watches and other horological timepieces. I became tired of looking and waiting for someone else to do it. There is clear and present interest in horology. And massive gap for such a great website but no one had done it! Meridian Tide Horology Exchange has changed that!

With millions of horology fans around the world, time has it’s last piece in place. Meridian Tide Horology Exchange.

What has been missing!

To often we’ve all had that nervous wait to see if a watch we have exchanged will arrive! Fortunately all the timepieces I have exchanged or bought have arrived and in good condition. Lucky in my collecting endeavours. However, there are many people out there that have not been so lucky. A website new kind of website was needed, built for collectors, to aid collectors with their passion was the goal. I think we have achieved that. Collectors of all levels of are welcome at Meridian Tide Horology Exchange. Whether you collect Casio or Patek’s there is a place and a timepiece here for you!

Why subscription based?

Many will ask why I’ve made it a subscription based website. It’s simple really I expect this business to grow and I want to be able to provide a world class service with infrastructure to match. More importantly, the continued subscription offers security for it’s user base. With all payments we’ll retain up to date address information of members with each payment made. This combined with our trade policy will mean that all transactions will be trackable with a unique transaction ID. Offering our service users a unique safe place to trade!

Why £3? It represents a coffee or a magazine subscription and this is something we can all afford. More important, is the peace of mind you will get for that £3! Take away that nervousness of dealing with a new trading partner.

Peace of mind guarantee

We will a regulating the transaction as long as all members involved in the transaction follow the trade policy. If users do not follow the policies set out by Meridian Tide they will face a lifetime ban.

With Meridian Tide being a low cost sales and trade environment no member will want this to happen. This will ensuring compliance to the policies set out by Meridian Tide horology exchange.

Please give us some feedback on what you would like to see on Meridian Tide Horology Exchange!

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