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  • Privileged Plus
  • £2.00 per Month.
  • £2.00
  • Privileged Plus, membership level will only be given to our first one thousand customers. The lucky few members that join at this level will never pay any more for their monthly subscription, than the lowest monthly subscription of the membership offered by the website. This will even be discounted by 10%. As the site grows and the tiered pricing structure comes into place. Privileged Members will be protected for a least 5 years at the current level of payment and have unlimited access to all our current and future facilities on the website. You will also be awarded Privileged Plus discounts on straps and store items. Once we have reached the milestone of a thousand members a prize draw will take place. The lucky winner will receive £2500 to spend on a watch of their choice! I will keep you updated on this and other draws through the site news. With other draws planned for individual members groupings and other collector groups on the site. All Privileged Plus membership members will be included in all prize draws across the site.
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